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Complete solutions in the electronics field

Laser is able to provide its customers with complete solutions in the field of custom electronics, because we can manage all the phases that make up the entire life cycle of the electronic board.

This phase starts from the customer’s request to implement specific features in an electronic circuit board.
These features are then collected in a technical report.

The customer is not involved in specific details about design implementation, but merely provides general technical specifications. Laser will develop the hardware and firmware design according to these specifications.

Means creating a project that also respects the mechanical and environmental constraints of the customer’s machine.

The size and layout of the printed circuit board and housing are shared with the customer. Laser will finalise the pcb layout, generating the gerber files.

Once the design has been developed (Hardware, Firmware and pcb layout), a limited number of prototypes are produced to enable the technical office to carry out test and debug activities.

The electronic circuit boards will be then sent to the customer, who will test the implemented features. Once this activity is completed, the customer will approve the project (Technical Homologation).

After the technical approval of the project and sample production, we support customer in the realization of a limited number of pilot runs (pre-series).

Once the pre-series phase is completed, the design can be considered stable and is ready to the series production. In this phase, Laser usually works with annual orders and/or long-term forecasts.

Laser can carry out electronic circuit board repairs, both under warranty and out of warranty.

Laser is available for project maintenance, both in case of improvements requests and in the case of component obsolescence.


Our skills at service of your ideas

We believe in the value of Knowledge and invest in Human Capital.
The Technical Office has an high importance in the corporate structure (30% of the staff) and is made up of highly qualified personnel, mainly Senior Engineers.

These skills and know-how allow us to keep pace with the latest technological trends and to always attract new projects and new customers.


Different sectors, same quality

  • Fitness and wellness equipment
  • Vehicle assistance equipment
  • Biomedical devices
  • Vending machines
  • Beverage dispensing machines (Horeca)
  • Access control terminals
  • Digital printers
  • Industrial vibration equipment
  • Industrial fans
  • Amplifiers for load cells
  • Packaging equipment


Modern assembly machines and 100% Quality Control

Laser is equipped with the most modern SMD assembly machines for the production of electronic circuit boards.
Each production phase is controlled and monitored by the latest generation machinery dedicated to quality control (3D Automatic Optical Inspection, X-Ray ).
The quality of our production is continuously controlled and measured through quality indicators, in order to optimise the production cycle and satisfy every customer request.


Excellent quality of product

Laser is equipped to carry out different types of tests, that can be defined/developed by customer or by our technical department.

We use ATE systems (in-circuit tests) or  or functional simulators.

All of this means excellent levels of quality  are constantly monitored for our customers.

Laser has a modern X-ray inspection machine for devices of considerable size.
This system enables our technicians to carry out very detailed analysis e mirati, in order to fine-tune the various phases of the production cycle and to keep their stability under control during production.

In particular, by means of a 160 KV tube with 750nm resolution, it allows to verify the physical characteristics of the soldered joints on the boards, through analysis of their quality, the inter-metallic compounds and the void percentage, X-ray machine also enables failure analisys on components Wire-Bond and Die Attach 30/5000 in addition to the specific study of BGA and Flip-chip.
Final assemblies, perhaps resin coated, may also be analyzed. In case of resin coated assemblies, no other technique is better and more reliable than X-Ray Inspection.

Laser uses two machines for optical smd inspection: AOI2D Cyberoptics KSFlex and the latest AOI3D Yamaha YSi-V.
By using these machines, it is possible to carry out very precise and detailed inspection of the electronic circuit boards produced.

The 3D AOI has a 12-megapixel high-resolution camera, high-speed image processing technology, a new 3D inspection feature that simultaneously controls the height and inclination of the component, a camera angled in 4 directions that uses the exclusive technology to capture the images.

Both machines can be used to control the production process as a  visual inspection su tutti i pezzi della produzione.
The degree of accuracy is very high (reading of the component codes, color verification, etc.) and the precision can be adjusted in relation to the customer’s needs.
The products subjected to optical smd inspection are all identified and cataloged. In the event of non conformity corrective action is carried out in a rework station.

The climatic chamber allows us to qualify the result of project or its production.
It is possible to carry out  tests from -40 ° C up to + 150 ° C, , also controlling the degree of humidity.

Moreover, it is possible to perform repetitive operating cycles which predict the required temperature and humidity trends.
Powered and controlled tests with external instrumentation can be carried out.

This system allows us  to perform In-Circuit Tests..
In other words, it is possible to carry out checks on all the components mounted on the circuit board or test, through appropriate adaptations of the ATE itself, the functionality of the board, stimulating it with instrumentation, internal or external to the system.

Laser has got an automatic machine for the controlled distribution of paints, resins and glues: it’s called PVA.
This machinery allows us to carry out the Conformal Coating on electronic products..
It is therefore possible to apply protective coatings on the products in a very precise way, defining both the area and the thickness of the applied material.

This treatment protects the electronics from the environment in which it is used (humidity, dust, etc.) and increases its electrical insulation.
By means of a control program on the PC, PVA machine allows to define precise areas of intervention and to automate the application, with high repeatability, on each piece of the production batch.

Weller’s Rework Station allows to do different types of interventions on even complex components.
In particular, it is possible  to unsolder and re-solder BGA and micro BGA cases,  with precise and repeatable thermal profiles.

It is also possible to assemble samples or pre-series of products with a precision and with times otherwise not reachable.
Thanks to this equipment, we therefore guarantee our customers complete assistance, including the eventual repair of the product, with considerable savings in terms of time and costs.

It’s a cabinet that allows to create an environment with a low degree of humidity, in which we can store SMD components that are sensitive to humidity (Sensitive Moisture Devices).
The cabinet enables to have humidity percentages of around 2%, max 5%.

Both vertical automatic warehouses allow an optimal exploitation of the room, occupying a minimum surface of the floor and taking advantage of the height.
They have a modular structure that allows the storage of different types of materials (printed circuits, smd coils, pth components). The humidity is controlled and is always kept below 5%.
These devices allow a significant reduction in timing and picking errors.


A reactive and punctual service

Laser guarantees an accurate after-sales service on electronic circuit boards produced in our plant, with interventions by our specialized technicians.